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John Ching Team

Xi'an Qi core Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Monolithic photonic integrated chip

All optical integrated system chip

Photon gyroscope

"Thousand Person Plan" One Person

National Institute of Foreign Affairs "Thousand Person Plan" One Person

   Yale      Team

Xi'an Saifu Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

Gallium nitride semi polar

Director of the Department of electronic engineering, Yale University

Top experts in the international field of gallium nitride

Yan Xing Long Team

Xi'an full spectrum infrared technology Co., Ltd.

Infrared optical materials

Doctor of Xi'an optical machine Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Own intellectual property rights of infrared optical materials

Zhang Wenwei Team

Xi'an Zhongke Alfa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

High sensitivity programmable magnetic sensor

Three dimensional magnetic sensor chip

"Thousand Person Plan"

Postdoctoral University of Oxford

Gong Ping Team

Xi'an Tangjing Quantum Technology Co., Ltd.

VCSEL epitaxial wafer

Semiconductor laser epitaxial wafer

Wang Tao Team

Xi'an Zhuo Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Industrial ultrafast picosecond laser

Medical grade picosecond laser

High energy nanosecond laser

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